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10-Yard Fight

10-Yard Fight is the second game on the list. It is a 1985 clone of an American football arcade game for NES.
The game is pretty simple and divided in the parts, one for defense and one for offense. While on the offensive you throw the ball, start running, pass it or not and avoid getting caught while running further. The defensive side is the opposite of this experience, you try to catch the ball carrier before reaching his destination.
Here is a scene from offensive, the cyan colored player is the one that is actively controlled and it changes when you pass the ball with A or B.
And here is on defense with active player trying to jump on the ball carrier, which is marked by black.
The game was released both in USA and Japan in 1985 by IREM.

Now as a sports game I don't think this has any depth due to its simple mechanics and design. It doesn't have much replay value since there is no change in your way of playing, no tactics besides zigzagging around avoiding the members of…